Shoot With a Crossbow

How Far Can You Shoot With a Crossbow?

Every hunter interested in archery wants to know how effective a hunting tool of choice is before they purchase one. One famous hunting tool is the crossbow. Most people interested in archery want to know how far they can shoot using the cross bar. The answer to this question depends on a number of things including how good of a shot you are, whether you are using the crossbow for target practice or hunting, the velocity of your crossbow, and how good your scope is.

Different crossbows are effective for different purposes. The accuracy with which you want the arrow directed is another determining factor when choosing a cross bar with shooting distance in mind. For example, when hitting a target is your concern then going for a solid 300+ FPS crossbow would be effective. Test the bow and ensure that the brand you go for can shoot an arrow over 500 yards in the air.

Hunting range

Shoot With a CrossbowDifferent crossbow ranges exists depending on what your aim is. For hunting purposes, a bow that can shoot an average hunting range of between 50-60 yards is effective. It is possible to go beyond this up to 80-yard range, as this will still be effective to kill a medium to large game animal when using the 300+ FPS crossbow. The real question however is whether you can make a clean shot at the vital organs of the target animal. Most people cannot do his with precision hence the high preference for cross bars with a maximum range of 35 yards only.

Effective target practice range

There is more room for error when considering the range for target practicing. Using the same 300+ FPS crossbow you have up to 180-yard range allowance to shoot an arrow and penetrate it through a compressed foam target. It is not easy to shoot an arrow from a far disturbance but this does not make it impossible, as there are people who can shoot from a distance of 80 yards and still hit the bull’s eye. The important thing is to know that the arrow’s velocity will depreciate with distance with most dropping after a 30-yard distance. The longer the distance the more pronounced the trajectory distance would be.

What is the influence of the scope on this matter?

Shoot With a CrossbowThe changes that come with distance increase will definitely have different implications so it is important to be able to zoom in on the target. The farther away the target is the higher you will have to aim the crossbow in order to compensate for the arrow drop. This explains why the target should have at least three red spots to increase the visibility.

A typical 3-dot scope, the top dot will be seen at a distance of 20 yards, the second one at a 30-yard distance and the third one will be seen at a 40-yard distance. Some scopes will have more reticles or spots all of which are sighted at different yard distances the lowest being a 60 yard distance.