Survival Knife

How to Choose the Best Survival Knife

Man is adventurous. Many of us love to go out to places which are new and exciting for us to see. But, in our journey to exploration, we are sometimes challenged to survive by circumstances. We are sometimes caught in the toughest side of the situation. We need to defend ourselves; otherwise, we are at a lost. Yes, survival skills can help but there is more to fend ourselves. The one important equipment that we must not forget to bring, the knife. The knife is the most important tool to survive. Knife has a lot of survival packages. We can make food, shelter, and makeshift clothes. Surviving however in any adverse situations requires us of the best survival knife.

Survival knife is not only good for mountaineering but also for great adventure escapade. This is the best tactical survival tool that we are reminded always by our elders, friends and love ones to always bring especially in going out to places with diverse culture and lifestyle. These places are probably the places to test our toughest defences. Knife for this matter can save us. But, picking the best survival knife for us is everybody’s concern. Let us not get fooled by offers of discounts by endorsers and even promise of good performance knife. It pays for us to weigh things out. Consider the pros and the cons before jumping into conclusion that the knife is the best and can surely protect you at all times.

Circumstances Dictate Your Choice

Survival KnifeSurvival knife is a tool that one can depend on in extreme cases of circumstances. One can help you in your needs to make a way out from a confusing exit forest. That you can make use of this in clearing bushes and crowding branches of trees in finding exits of the place. The tool that will be of help to you in finding and making food from the abundance of nature. A knife that is sharp enough to chop or open the toughest shell of coconut or all sorts of fruits in the jungle. A knife that keeps your hunting for live mammals and reptiles to survive. A knife that can be trusted in in making shelter made of branches, twigs, leaves and twigs of the trees.

You can surely survive in adverse situations when you are using the best survival knife. Typically, these knives measure from four to eight inches. Blades are either straight or serrated. They come also in either fixed or folding depending on your choice. But, let me share you these debatable facts of comparison between fixed or folding knife.

Take Your Time

Survival KnifeWise buyers like you, never rush to the list of choices for survival knife. You are to evaluate their features and designs. Try to compare notes of their advantages and disadvantages. Take for example the option for the fixed or the folding knife.

In extremes cases and situations, speed matters, right? The quickest possible move would mean a lot to defend you. This means, a knife that is perfectly designed like a single solid piece will matter. You should need a knife that goes straight to the target at the most quickest time. In situations like this, you do not have time to unfold the knife and ensure it is in place before hitting the mark. You might be late in your defences for that matter.

Therefore, the best survival knife is a fixed-bladed knife.