Air Gun Shooting

4 Tips To Better Air Gun Shooting

Just like any other sport, air gun shooting requires a lot of practice. Before you can actually hold your own among the very best, you need to sharpen your skills. This does not just take two days practice and you are good to go. It will take some time through which you will need to exercise some patience. Here are some tips to make you better at air gun shooting. It may not make you perfect but it will improve your skill a lot.

Trigger finger position

Air Gun ShootingThis may be just a small detail and may seem to have little significance. The truth of the matter is in this field, the small details matter in a big way. As a shooter, it is important that you check the placement of your finger on the trigger. The positioning should be in such a way that your back is straight. This position should be maintained thorough the entire shooting period. Any alterations like moving the finger further inside will result in the shot inclining to the right and vice versa. Following this tip will enable you to score many points and improve your skills.

Choose the right tools

The best way to be sure in this case would be to buy different pellets and test them out. You can test them in terms of range and see how they perform. Record your findings on a piece of paper. At the end of the day, you should be able to come up with the right pellet for the rifle you are using and intention it is meant for and it is always good to read beforehand and learn about the tools you are about to use, there are some great gun sites out there that have valuable information for you. The mistake that most people make is to look for the most destructive pellet. What they often forget is that accuracy is what matters. If you are able to find a pellet that suits your rifle perfectly, you should look no further. Stick to what you have.


Air Gun ShootingThe ability to control your breathing rate is what sets you apart from other air gun shooters. As mentioned earlier, the small details matter. One slight variation in your breathing is what will make the difference between a bad and a good shot. You need to take control of your breathing rate. Everything has to be in harmony. The focus has to be at its best. Do not even think about holding your breath as it will lead to your losing focus. A good shot should be taken halfway through an exhale. This should come naturally without having to strain.

Collars and rings

In this case, you will only need to ensure that you have the right magnification setting. A slight difference may only result in you shooting out of target completely. This may turn out to be dangerous if people inhabit the surrounding areas.

Having all the above factors in check and then failing to practice will not yield any results. The more you practice, the more you improve your skill and understand all that goes into air gun shooting.