Cellular Trail Cam

Is a Wi-Fi/Cellular Trail Cam worth it?

Traditionally, searching for your target deer requires a lot of scouting around the bush and the nature in general. Not anymore these days, technology has paved its way to offer you the light and easy way of hunting deer. A lot of trail cameras in market today that speak of their quality, precision and clarity. Wide range of options in the market has made you think and ponder, is a Wi-Fi/cellular Trail Cam Worth it?

Is the value of a thing that you buy tantamount to the worth of happiness and comfort it brings to you? Well, it depends.

Many hunters nowadays have enjoyed the benefit technology has offered to them. But, for those who love to connect to nature, they find joy too in scouting for their target by walking under the woods in search for their target. Sometimes, their long walk may only end them up tired and empty. But, still some of the senior hunters would insist that they still love hunting the traditional way. They love to connect and get in touch with nature. They always love to claim the benefit of their connection to nature. That nature offers them good and healthy physical well-being.

Cellular Trail Cam It is all up to you to decide for your convenience, comfort and affordability. You have all the options to choose from. Do we really have to live by our traditional means of scouting for our target when that can be taken care of by trail cameras? Trail cameras are modern people’s ways of saying good bye to the longest walk in the woods to hunt for deer.

Trail cameras nowadays have served both as gadget for hunting and surveillance units (like in this article). These cameras have been used to ensure families and properties are secured from any untoward incidents. These cameras are not only enjoyed by hunters themselves but all those who love nature and people.

Is a Wi-Fi/cellular trail cam worth it?

Cellular Trail Cam Trail cameras have come in two ways of sending and transmitting captured images. The cellular trail cameras only use sim card of the existing cellular carrier to transmit its captured images to your cellular phones. In this way, you only need to mount these cameras and live it and let it work its best for you. Images captured by the camera, are immediately transmitted to your phone to give you the best information of your sightings. A wireless trail cameras on one hand (learn more here), requires a local Wi-Fi internet connection to transmit all captured images through your phones and emails.

While cellular trail cameras have more to bring in lives of owners, Wi-Fi trail cameras have disadvantage. The affordability of hunters to secure Wi-Fi internet connection will sometimes affect the performance of the trail cameras. Not everybody has the finances to shoulder the Wi-Fi connection

Having learned by this advancement of technology comparing these notes with the traditional hunting styles, is a Wi-Fi/cellular trail cam worth it?

The decision is yours to make.

Survival Knife

How to Choose the Best Survival Knife

Man is adventurous. Many of us love to go out to places which are new and exciting for us to see. But, in our journey to exploration, we are sometimes challenged to survive by circumstances. We are sometimes caught in the toughest side of the situation. We need to defend ourselves; otherwise, we are at a lost. Yes, survival skills can help but there is more to fend ourselves. The one important equipment that we must not forget to bring, the knife. The knife is the most important tool to survive. Knife has a lot of survival packages. We can make food, shelter, and makeshift clothes. Surviving however in any adverse situations requires us of the best survival knife.

Survival knife is not only good for mountaineering but also for great adventure escapade. This is the best tactical survival tool that we are reminded always by our elders, friends and love ones to always bring especially in going out to places with diverse culture and lifestyle. These places are probably the places to test our toughest defences. Knife for this matter can save us. But, picking the best survival knife for us is everybody’s concern. Let us not get fooled by offers of discounts by endorsers and even promise of good performance knife. It pays for us to weigh things out. Consider the pros and the cons before jumping into conclusion that the knife is the best and can surely protect you at all times.

Circumstances Dictate Your Choice

Survival KnifeSurvival knife is a tool that one can depend on in extreme cases of circumstances. One can help you in your needs to make a way out from a confusing exit forest. That you can make use of this in clearing bushes and crowding branches of trees in finding exits of the place. The tool that will be of help to you in finding and making food from the abundance of nature. A knife that is sharp enough to chop or open the toughest shell of coconut or all sorts of fruits in the jungle. A knife that keeps your hunting for live mammals and reptiles to survive. A knife that can be trusted in in making shelter made of branches, twigs, leaves and twigs of the trees.

You can surely survive in adverse situations when you are using the best survival knife. Typically, these knives measure from four to eight inches. Blades are either straight or serrated. They come also in either fixed or folding depending on your choice. But, let me share you these debatable facts of comparison between fixed or folding knife.

Take Your Time

Survival KnifeWise buyers like you, never rush to the list of choices for survival knife. You are to evaluate their features and designs. Try to compare notes of their advantages and disadvantages. Take for example the option for the fixed or the folding knife.

In extremes cases and situations, speed matters, right? The quickest possible move would mean a lot to defend you. This means, a knife that is perfectly designed like a single solid piece will matter. You should need a knife that goes straight to the target at the most quickest time. In situations like this, you do not have time to unfold the knife and ensure it is in place before hitting the mark. You might be late in your defences for that matter.

Therefore, the best survival knife is a fixed-bladed knife.

Fish Finder to Hunt Fish

How Much Helpful Is Fish Finder to Hunt Fish?


There is a misconception in some quarters that a fish finder is simply a gimmick meant to fleece people of their cash. Some argue that a fish finder is not effective especially for people with experience. However, experience has shown repeatedly that people with a fish finder take more fish home more often. Fishing is a fun activity; however, it can be frustrating if one is not getting any fish.

How Does a Fish Finder Help?

Fish Finder to Hunt FishA fish finder is an effective way to determine the temperature of the water. This feature is only available in fish finders that have GPS installed. As a result, one gets a clear picture of the water temperature when they are fishing. For those who want to catch a specific type of fish, this feature will come in handy. Some fish are only found in cold or warm water. This will help one avoid wasting time in water where their type of fish is not found.

A fish finder is also a great way of determining the size of fish in the water. At times, one may see ripples but the kind of fish available are too tiny. However, one may still cast their line unknowingly. The best fish finder will help one view the size of fish before they even cast their line. This is an important aspect in ensuring one takes a big catch home.

A fish finder also assists one to see the shape of the bottom of the water body. If one is fishing in a marsh or a lake, this can prove to be an important safety feature. This is especially the case if one if fishing in murky water. It can potentially save one a lot of money in repairs. If the fishing boat runs aground, repairing the engine could be quite expensive.

Fish Finder to Hunt FishA fish finder’s most basic function is helping one find where the fish are. This is all a goof angler needs in order to catch them. It helps one to avoid feeling frustrated by casting a line exactly where the fish are. At times, fish could be just a few meters to the left or right. In addition, they may not make any ripples making finding them almost impossible.

Besides that, a fish finder helps one determine how deep the fish are located. This is a crucial feature in catching fish. Although one may have cast their line in the right direction, the bait might not be at the right height. As a result, one may end up thinking about it as bad luck. The device assists one to cast their line in the line direction and bait fish at the right height. With these two basic functions, one should be catching fish all day long.


A fish finder is an angler’s best companion. Anyone who does fishing for leisure or sport should have one of these devices installed. These devices offer different levels of functionality. In most cases, it also means different prices. One should determine their needs accurately in order to get the most help from this device.

Air Gun Shooting

4 Tips To Better Air Gun Shooting

Just like any other sport, air gun shooting requires a lot of practice. Before you can actually hold your own among the very best, you need to sharpen your skills. This does not just take two days practice and you are good to go. It will take some time through which you will need to exercise some patience. Here are some tips to make you better at air gun shooting. It may not make you perfect but it will improve your skill a lot.

Trigger finger position

Air Gun ShootingThis may be just a small detail and may seem to have little significance. The truth of the matter is in this field, the small details matter in a big way. As a shooter, it is important that you check the placement of your finger on the trigger. The positioning should be in such a way that your back is straight. This position should be maintained thorough the entire shooting period. Any alterations like moving the finger further inside will result in the shot inclining to the right and vice versa. Following this tip will enable you to score many points and improve your skills.

Choose the right tools

The best way to be sure in this case would be to buy different pellets and test them out. You can test them in terms of range and see how they perform. Record your findings on a piece of paper. At the end of the day, you should be able to come up with the right pellet for the rifle you are using and intention it is meant for and it is always good to read beforehand and learn about the tools you are about to use, there are some great gun sites out there that have valuable information for you. The mistake that most people make is to look for the most destructive pellet. What they often forget is that accuracy is what matters. If you are able to find a pellet that suits your rifle perfectly, you should look no further. Stick to what you have.


Air Gun ShootingThe ability to control your breathing rate is what sets you apart from other air gun shooters. As mentioned earlier, the small details matter. One slight variation in your breathing is what will make the difference between a bad and a good shot. You need to take control of your breathing rate. Everything has to be in harmony. The focus has to be at its best. Do not even think about holding your breath as it will lead to your losing focus. A good shot should be taken halfway through an exhale. This should come naturally without having to strain.

Collars and rings

In this case, you will only need to ensure that you have the right magnification setting. A slight difference may only result in you shooting out of target completely. This may turn out to be dangerous if people inhabit the surrounding areas.

Having all the above factors in check and then failing to practice will not yield any results. The more you practice, the more you improve your skill and understand all that goes into air gun shooting.

Beginner Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting

Beginner Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is exciting and challenging hobby of precision and target setting. Perhaps, adeptness in shooting and manipulating firearms is an advantage to this kind of hobby. Beginners too, find it pleasurable by knowing and choosing the beginner rifle scopes for deer hunting that is guaranteed by quality and reasonable price.

Quality in price is something that buyers must first consider in buying for slopes. This is an issue of buying products is reasonable to your finances. I am not saying, you will buy slopes that are cheap without qualifying its quality. Note, that there are more or less 428 available slopes in the market. Each one claims for quality of its performance which might as well find you in quandary of which one to buy from among the many choices. Therefore, to be sensible is to know the practicality of your spending while preserving the quality of the product you intend to use.

Beginner Rifle Scopes for Deer HuntingQuality construction of the scopes must be checked. I am talking about its capability to resist climate changes to include crowding of fogs. A situation like this requires fog-proof scopes. Thickness crowding of fogs in the shooting range is manageable. This too must have lenses capable of accommodating target deer clearly without interference. You might as well consider scopes that can handle the different climatic conditions other than the crowding fogs.

Another problem met by beginner deer hunters is the interference of light in the area. They must look for glasses with special combination of coatings of metallic compounds. This metallic compounds have the ability to increase light transmission and to transmit light with maximized clarity. Surely, your target deer can be shot with precision despite the darkness of the area.

Beginner Rifle Scopes for Deer HuntingNevertheless, scopes with exit pupil are an advantage just like the human eye which dilates about 7mm in dark areas and about 2mm in bright sunlight. The role therefore of the exit pupil in scopes is its capability to handle light management effects. When hunter goes out in dark places, he can adjust the exit pupil to provide him light and he can also adjust the exit pupil in day light shooting period.

How about your shooting style as beginner hunter? Can you get the target deer at distance of 300 to 400 radiuses? Deer hunting does not require higher power range. A target deer within a 300-400 radius can be captured by scopes of less than 10 power range, the detailed discussion is held on The best rifle scope reviews and let you choose the best. Powerful slopes are not needed in hunting for deer with fun. You only need slopes that has lower power but with precise zooming effect.


To be sensible buyers of rifles especially those that are recommended for neophytes, beginner rifle scopes for deer hunting must have quality optics. Normally, beginners find it difficult to focus their targets in foggy surroundings. Henceforth, fog proof scopes are recommended. Fog-proof scopes have passed the standards requirement in protecting the environment wherein the scopes’ oxygen is replaced by nitrogen. Hunters’ desires to hunt for their target is not being compromised by the crowding of fogs.

Shoot With a Crossbow

How Far Can You Shoot With a Crossbow?

Every hunter interested in archery wants to know how effective a hunting tool of choice is before they purchase one. One famous hunting tool is the crossbow. Most people interested in archery want to know how far they can shoot using the cross bar. The answer to this question depends on a number of things including how good of a shot you are, whether you are using the crossbow for target practice or hunting, the velocity of your crossbow, and how good your scope is.

Different crossbows are effective for different purposes. The accuracy with which you want the arrow directed is another determining factor when choosing a cross bar with shooting distance in mind. For example, when hitting a target is your concern then going for a solid 300+ FPS crossbow would be effective. Test the bow and ensure that the brand you go for can shoot an arrow over 500 yards in the air.

Hunting range

Shoot With a CrossbowDifferent crossbow ranges exists depending on what your aim is. For hunting purposes, a bow that can shoot an average hunting range of between 50-60 yards is effective. It is possible to go beyond this up to 80-yard range, as this will still be effective to kill a medium to large game animal when using the 300+ FPS crossbow. The real question however is whether you can make a clean shot at the vital organs of the target animal. Most people cannot do his with precision hence the high preference for cross bars with a maximum range of 35 yards only.

Effective target practice range

There is more room for error when considering the range for target practicing. Using the same 300+ FPS crossbow you have up to 180-yard range allowance to shoot an arrow and penetrate it through a compressed foam target. It is not easy to shoot an arrow from a far disturbance but this does not make it impossible, as there are people who can shoot from a distance of 80 yards and still hit the bull’s eye. The important thing is to know that the arrow’s velocity will depreciate with distance with most dropping after a 30-yard distance. The longer the distance the more pronounced the trajectory distance would be.

What is the influence of the scope on this matter?

Shoot With a CrossbowThe changes that come with distance increase will definitely have different implications so it is important to be able to zoom in on the target. The farther away the target is the higher you will have to aim the crossbow in order to compensate for the arrow drop. This explains why the target should have at least three red spots to increase the visibility.

A typical 3-dot scope, the top dot will be seen at a distance of 20 yards, the second one at a 30-yard distance and the third one will be seen at a 40-yard distance. Some scopes will have more reticles or spots all of which are sighted at different yard distances the lowest being a 60 yard distance.